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Carol and other interested LM_NETTERS,
Personally, I think the easy picture books should be shelved by author.  =
For our shelving ease, we only use the first letter of the author's last =
name.  The easy non-fiction can be shelved by subjects.  We only use the =
first three digits and nothing after the decimal with easy non-fiction.  =
 I feel there needs to be consistency from one library to another and =
since this is usually the standard, if kids know how to use one library, =
they can use any library.  The earlier this training is started, the =
easier it becomes for them as they advance.  I feel it's our job as =
librarians to train them how to use the library, look up books, know =
about fiction/non-fiction/subjects, etc.  If every library they go into =
is setup differently, they would be so confused and spend all their time =
trying to figure out the arrangement/setup.  We want to teach them to =
independent problem solvers, critical thinkers, and life long learners =
and by training them early on gives them an advantage later on in life.  =
I start my first graders out with all the terminology and easy =
activities for looking up books.  By second grade, we're doing author =
studies.  We do author of the month which coincides with the author's =
birthday (Sept. HA Rey, Oct. Steven Kellogg ? I think that's who I use, =
Nov. Marc Brown, Dec. Jan Brett, etc.)  I have all the books displayed =
by that author, talk about his/her life, and do a short simple activity =
like draw author, make red/white striped hats for Dr. Seuss, etc.)  We =
also do an activity called "A to Z Authors" (starting about Feb.).  The =
kids are given a grid sheet with squares A to Z.  Over the next 2-3 =
months, they are required to read a book written by an author whose last =
name starts with A-Z.  They write the last name in the square with the =
appropriate letter.  When they have completed the grid and read a book =
by an A author, B author, C author, etc. to Z (except X), they become a =
member of the A to Z author club.  We have a party the end of the year =
for all who made it.    Hope these activities help - they don't have to =
long and boring, just short, fun, and simple.  Kids really can learn and =
absorb how to use a library properly at these early ages and boy does it =
make life easier when they're in intermediate grades.  Just my own =
personal opinion.  Kathy Webb

Kathy Webb, LMS
Carriage Hills Elem.
Lawton, OK

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