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I disagree, Shelley. While I'm happy to provide kids with lots of books,
classrooms need many more than and classroom of kids will be checking
out. I encourage my teachers to check out whatever they need to support
their reading or other subject needs. I see it as part of my job as a
support to the curriculum in the school. As the member of the teaching
team who supplies books or other materials as they are needed, then I
will be checking out quite a lot of items to teachers. If a teacher is
working on the idea of voice, for instance, or surprise endings, and
asks for a variety of examples, I'll check out 10 or 20 books, or more
if needed, for that purpose. Those are checked out to the teacher, not
the individual students. Some may not make it back to the library.
Usually they do, but if they don't it's because in a busy classroom,
it's easy for books to be misplaced. Some will turn up in the fall or
later. Others get turned in by students. I know some will just
disappear, but not many. If they do, I think it's a small price to pay
to support classroom teachers and the curriculum. I know that part of my
job is maintaining the collection - but for the purpose of supporting
the curriculum, not just to keep books on the shelves. Just my opinion.

Bettie Fisher
Media Specialist
Eberwhite Elementary School
Ann Arbor, MI

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