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A really great book to read on this topic (and also one that will open =
your eyes to our own "real" history) is "Lies my teacher told me =
:everything your American history textbook got wrong" /James W. Loewen : =
New York :Touchstone, 1996. This is surprisingly popular with our =
students. Imagine - both copies of a book about teaching history being =
constantly checked out!

Loewen quotes research in which students actually did *worse* on a =
history test _after_ reading a high school history textbook! In other =
words, these textbooks can have a *negative* effect on learning!

The comment in a past post that this has been going on for 30 years =
misses the mark by a factor of 10 - or perhaps even 100! We criticize =
and joked about other countries (especially Russia, during the Cold War) =
of "re-writing history". We are just as guilty - perhaps more so, =
because in a democracy this sort of thing isn't "supposed" to happen (or =
is it?).


Garry Jantzen, Librarian N7SBG
Marshfield High School
"What we observe is not nature itself, but nature exposed to our method =
of questioning" - Werner Heisenberg

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