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Good day, gentlefolk,

I thought I asked this question over the weekend, but the
post never appeared, so I'll try again. An unfortunate
situation has arisen at one of my schools. A teacher was
arrested for drug possession and use at school. It was in
the newspaper, so everyone knows. I need a good
read-aloud, please, that deals with some of the feelings
this grade 5/6 class in the bilingual track may be having.
It doesn't need to directly address drug use, just
something to bring out the feelings (anger,
disappointment, resentment, disillusionment, etc.). We
have been working on haiku about books, so maybe the story
and then some time to express feelings in writing might be

My own fifth grade teacher used to get drunk during lunch
recess way back in the 60s (my best friend and I found the
bottles while getting something out of a cupboard for
him). Afternoon lessons were interesting, he usually sang
"Tenting Tonight" or some other WWI song at some point.

Barbara Adams Currier
K-6 Library Media Teacher
Kirschen/Shackelford Schools
Modesto City Schools
Modesto, CA

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