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I cannot imagine how such a "read-to" list would work. I have experience
in the media centers at a (whopping) three schools in one city and the
variations in needs among those few schools is pretty wide. Even in one
single school, a book I know one class would adore, another class is
unlikely to sit still for. Classes have different dynamics, different
interests, different attention spans. My job is to know what will teach
and interest each group -- and hold their attention.  Also: at one school
the media special may see a class twice a week. At another it's only once
every six days.  That, too, makes a difference in what one would choose
to read aloud.  Let's face it: some of our kids come to us with amazing
sophistication, life experiences, vocabularies, and connections to
literature.  Others have never held a book.  How COULD a district decree
that you read the same book to both groups? Maybe there's a (short) list
of books you ought to be working toward -- but to say that you may not
read any book that's not on the list?
Some brilliant theorists are trying to make teaching "teacher-proof" by
writing no-deviation classroom scripts.  What a bore for students and
teachers alike. Not to mention the fact that it will never work.

Lesley Hendrickson, LMS
Powderhorn Community School
Minneapolis, MN

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