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The Educational Technology Journal
  Vol 12|No 9|May|2003

This month's issue is available free online at
There are two articles and a cartoon.

1. The Technology Presumption:
Could Integrating Technology Sometimes be Wrong-Minded?
by Jamie McKenzie

Many states and organizations press schools to integrate new
technologies into curriculum as if there is some presumption of
excellence that justifies shoving aside other tools and media to make
room for what is new and trendy, but this presumption often proves
wrong, and the pressure to integrate may distort lessons, units and
learning in unhealthy ways.

2. Focus on the Locus
by Jamie McKenzie
(below) and at

For the past several years many schools in the U.S. and abroad have
tried to extend the use of new technologies across all classrooms and
subject areas regardless of the readiness, inclination or
appropriateness of a particular class, subject or teacher. While it
might seem like heresy, McKenzie argues that our learning goals might
be achieved with more quality and depth by focusing our efforts and
our resources on those teachers, subjects and units where new
technologies are likely to have the highest payoffs and the most
natural fit.

3. The May Cartoon - "Racing for Technology"

In some schools and districts, the most important thing is being
first in the technology race. First fibered district. First laptopped
school. First laptopped state. First handheld school. First virtual
school. First digital school. First paperless, bookless, unlibraried


ERIC Action Alert!
US ED Proposes Eliminating ERIC Clearinghouse on Teaching and Teacher
Education and Other Valuable ERIC Resources and Services

Act now to save ERIC!

Jamie McKenzie
Editor, From Now On - The Educational Technology Journal

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