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Dear Amanda and others,

"I take heart from the fact that after we rapidly greying folk move one,
those with whom we have shared the joy of literature will one day grow up
to run the country...and hopefully fund school libraries more equitably
than those in control today."

I'd like to report that this is already beginning to happen.

Here  in Chilliwack one of our new school board members is a 19 year old
college student. He was elected last fall, when I believe he was 18! He is
a strong supporter of school libraries. During the election campaign he
even produced a report that he had done with his teacher-librarian when he
was in elementary school.

Here's hoping there are many more like him out there. We need to make
parents aware of what is happening in our schools. Don't sit back and say
nothing. Sieze every moment and talk to people about your job.


>Date: Mon, 05 May 2003 10:55:39 +0000
>From: Amanda Credaro <>
>Subject: Re: Why is library funding cut first?
>Sender: School Library Media & Network Communications
>Dear Earle and others who are concerned,
>I couldn't agree more.  Libraries get their funding (and staff) cut from
>schools before anywhere else because we're an 'easy target'.  Our
>precedessors of a generation or two ago followed the 'best practice' of that
>time, and as a result very few politicians have positive experiences with
>which to remember their school library.
>After a particularly tough day, I often fear that we are 'doomed' - but then
>remember the faces of the children that we read to, read to us, who enjoy
>their school libraries; I take heart from the fact that after we rapidly
>greying folk move on, those with whom we have shared the joy of literature
>will one day grow up to run the country ... and hopefully fund school
>libraries more equitably than those in control today.
>Don't ever get off that soapbox!
>Amanda Credaro
>Teacher Librarian
>Project Officer (Temporary)
>Professional Development and Curriculum Directorate
>Phone: 9266 8261

Randi Louise Hermans
BCTLA Second Vice-president: Advocacy
East Chilliwack Elementary K-6
Chilliwack, B.C. Canada

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