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This is a wonderful group - here are the immediate responses to my =
dilemna - thankyou all.
Brian Baird, Preservation Librarian at the University of Kansas =
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Region Coordinator for the Kansas Disaster Recovery Network, has =

an excellent new resource for libraries and their patrons dealing with

smoke or water damage to books - a web page of helpful hints that is =

elaborate than a full-blown disaster plan, but based on the same

professional expertise and principles.


"Drying Wet Books and Removing Odors" can be reached from a link in the

"What's New" section of Blue Skyways' main page, or visit our =

Resources for Librarians

 for a link to Brian's

FAQ on general preservation topics

 - a good point of entry to

the world of preservation issues, the reasons why libraries should =

disaster plans, and KU's excellent preservation website.



you might try baking soda  sprinkled in the pages, it absorbs odors.



You can sprinkle talcum powder (unscented) through the pages, leave=20

overnight and then blow and shake out the next day.  The powder should=20

absorb most of the smell, although it might leave the pages a little=20

'powdery' for a while.



If that doesn't work, then try an autoclave at around 300 degrees ... =


I have had a great deal of luck removing odors with charcoal.  You would =
do this by placing charcoal and the offending items in an enclosed box =
together and leaving them for several days.  Give it a whirl.  It took =
the smell of cat pee out of some antique dolls that I had.  The dolls =
had been in cases away from the cats - but the person's house who they =
came from was so overrun with poorly trained cats that everything that =
came out of the house was permeated with the smell.  The charcoal did =
the trick.


I have read that you can put the book in a closed plastic bag with kitty =
litter and it will absorb the smell. We had 2 books returned with a =
strong odor from being in the backpack with smushed grapes and I am =
trying this remedy as we speak. I checked the books on Friday and they =
still smelled, but somewhat better. I will check again on this Friday =
and hope for good results.


This sounds weird but try it. Spray lightly with vinegar water and allow =
to dry. Set them in a Rubbermaid tub with a bowl of vinegar. Don't =
spill! Let them sit for a few days.=20

Jenni Elliott
Episcopal High School
Bellaire, TX

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