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I know you are all very busy, but I need some perspectives other than my =
own. We have five schools in our district, one, a k-6 elementary, new =
this year, 30 miles from the rest of the schools. I am the only =
certified librarian in the district. Each school has a library =
assistant. The high school and junior high have Winnebago Spectrum. The =
other two elementary schools still have card catalogs--no money.  I =
ordered the new school's books with cards/pockets AND MARC records and =
barcodes because admin told me there wouldn't be enough money to =
automate this year but soon. Now apparently there's some money that the =
principal wants to automate his new school with. He arranged with the =
county librarian to put in a small collection of pre-school board books =
to check out to parents there and the county librarian wants a better =
way of checking them out than cards. This has led to discussion of our =
automating the new school with SIRSI, the county's system, and =
incrementally switching the Spectrum schools to SIRSI then automating =
the two elementary schools. The alternative, of course, is using =
Spectrum district wide. I am struggling with this. The county librarian =
is thinking connectivity/sharing resources throughout the county and, =
years away, the state. She thinks I should be a forerunner. I am being =
cautious and thinking SIRSI is too "public" for us. I have thought of =
many of the pros and cons and am also now getting together a cost =
comparison, which is definitely a factor. Can any of you offer advice =
(of course, you can!)specifically about the two programs and/or =
generally, things about which I may not have thought, either way? Thank =
you for taking the time to help me, if you can.

Marilyn Johnson

District Library/Media Services Coordinator

Holbrook Unified School District #3

Holbrook, Arizona



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