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Today I prepared an order for about  $1000.00 worth of videos BUT I =
couldn't buy nearly $1000.00 because the shipping chsrges were $50. I =
called the company to see if I could get a break but no.  I combined two =
schools so that it would mean one box, not two to 2 different addresses =
but no matter.  The shipping is determined by cost of items NOT size, =
weight or anything the shippers really care about.  I know it will not =
really cost over $50 to send this box. There was a break from 5.75% to =
3.75% of cost if the purchase was for more than $1500.00.  Gee, how =
generous. Demco charges by wt. and distance.  By their chart my box of =
videos could weigh 95 lbs. and go as far Nevada.
Some companies at least use zones to help determine cost.  Not this one. =
 I am in OH. company is in PA. No break.

 Another company is charging 12% shipping.  This is nuts.  This would =
mean it would cost waaaaaay more to ship a diamond bracelet than a box =
of bricks. =20
I buy most of my books through Baker & Taylor because I am charged no =
shipping plus I get a good discount.  Even Amazon gives a break on =
shippingI plan to call every company I order from and at least let them =
know that I think it unfair.

Cheryl Sturgeon
Elem. Media Spec.
Highland Local Schools (OH)

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