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Here are the responses I received - I have not had the opportunity to try
any  of them - but a number of people asked for a hit so I am posting it
before trying any.

You cannot put a video on a Power Point presentation because PP's are still

There are programs you can load that will take a picture. About a year and a
half ago, the library director I had showed one to me. After that I changed
jobs and for the life of me cannot remember the name. I will look for it.

Do you have the Dazzle program?  It will digitize your analog tape which
then you can add to your Powerpoint presentation.  Dazzle is easy to use
and runs around $200.00.  That is the only name brand that I know, but I
am sure that there is other available software that can do the same
thing.  Good luck!

You have to have an analog capture card in your computer with software such
as pinnacle studio 7 to capture the video.

If you have a digital camcorder, record the videotape to the camcorder, then
download it to the PC. Some dv camcorder won't let you do this, but my Sony
TRV120 will - I've done it. Then you can, using your editing software (e.g.
Studio7) record it directly to a CD, making an SVCD disk on a regular CDR
disc. Or, if you have a DVD recorder... (lucky you!).

Jean Lowery, M.L.S., Ph.D.
Library Media Specialist
Bishop Woods School (A New Haven Public School)

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