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I'm surprised that no one has mentioned another excellent book jobber for
K12 schools, Mackin < > I order from both Mackin and Follett
and have nothing but praise for both companies. The advantages to Mackin is
that they do not stock from a warehouse, they go directly to the publishers.
They have an excellent online ordering system. Schools that order a lot of
paperbacks will be glad to know that you can order these from Mackin, as

In head to head comparisons with turnaround time between Mackin and Follett,
I find that Mackin is at least as fast as Follett, and actually I believee a
little faster.

Why do I order from both, you ask? Follett's Titlewave I find useful if I'm
searching for, say middle school books on Horror fiction. I believe if I'm
going to use their search tool, I ought to buy the books from them. Recently
however, I've found that titles in current book review magazines could not
be found in the Titlewave database, because the magazines sometimes review
books several months before they will available. Using Mackin's online
ordering system, if I type in the title, I will get the book in all its
editions. One caveat: I do not recommend MackinBound titles (these are
paperbacks that are sent to a bindery to put in a pre-bind binding) for
several reasons. If you are inclined to order pre-binds, i.e. paperback
books in a hard shell cover, I'd stay with the current company you are using
for these.

John Lees

John Lees, Librarian
Mt. Baker Middle School
Auburn, WA  98002 <>

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