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Shelley wrote:
What do you think of shelving easy (K-2) nonfiction books and harder =
(3-5) nonfiction seperately? And shelving easy chapter books separate from =
harder chapter books?

My reply:
      I would not do this because:
*It gives just one more place to incorrectly shelve books/have books lost!
*This means a child who is low level ability and in upper grades would be
going into the "little kid" area to get books.
*Younger children get value out of "reading the pictures" even if the child
cannot read the words in the book.  What is wrong with taking a book just to
enjoy the photos?
*You will have to make some very difficult calls on some books as you decide
which area in which to shelve the books. ie: Is this REALLY too difficult
for the younger children, or is it one that is going to be just a little
easy for the older children.
*Children who have a fascination with a specific subject will force
themselves to do better to be able to read about "their subject."

just my opinions.............

Mary Ludwick, Librarian         K-5 Elementary
Owen Elementary, The Colony, Texas (near Dallas)  (school address) (home address)
Little known fact: "Don't Mess With Texas" is an
anti-litter campaign slogan.

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