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I LOVE Follett.  I have had excellent service from the 2 reps with which I
have had dealings.  Depending upon the year, I have had a total budget to
spend from $4,000 to $10,000, so I don't believe the amount spent with the
company determines the quality of the service.

In 1994-95 Baker and Taylor was working hard to get my business.  The rep
kept telling me how much cheaper B&T was over Follett.  I decided to order a
small order from B&T and compare pricing.  On publisher binding books, B&T
did have a deeper discount, but I try to order all library binding, so this
was not of real value to me.  On library binding the prices were about the
     I did not like the B&T barcodes.  The print was smaller and more
difficult to read.

    Follett has always followed my specifications perfectly.  Now that the
company has online ordering, the orders arrive in about 3 weeks (to my
      The only negative I have with Follett is the rebinding Follett does
has unattractive covers--the colors are not sharp and clear.
       Twice I have had a problem with 1 book in the order. The rep arrived
within 2 days and fixed things to my satisfaction.
         In reading the various comments, I have thought about the
discussions of Scholastic Book Fairs.  My conclusion: The happiness with a
company depends upon the quality of the sales rep and the attention to your

Mary Ludwick, Librarian         K-5 Elementary
Owen Elementary, The Colony, Texas (near Dallas)  (school address) (home address)
Little known fact: "Don't Mess With Texas" is an
anti-litter campaign slogan.

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