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Peter has given me permission to pass this along.  It is a petition to be
sent to Congress asking for money for schools.  There is a place to include
any stories you might have of cuts in your school.  Though the organization
presenting this petition is liberal--the petition is not.  I would be happy
to add my name to any petition that might make our government see what is
happening to local schools because of cut backs.    If you don't like the
organization that is presenting this petition, please contact organizations
that you do belong to and see if they would do something similar.  I just
can't sit here every night reading stories like "Sacked in Sacramento" and
do nothing.  I hope you feel the same way.

"Dear friend,

I'm hoping you can join me in fighting against budget cuts
that will inevitably fall on our nation's schools and other
essential services.

Across the nation, schools are suffering.  Tens of thousands
of teachers have received pink slips and looming budget
deficits only promise worse to come.  Yet in Washington,
Congress seems unaware of the problems at home.  They're
talking about cutting taxes and cutting budgets -- not about
how to keep the schools going.

The final vote on these budget cuts will come in just a few days.

Can you help?

Please join me and sign a petition to Congress, asking key
Congressional leaders to lead the fight against tax and
budget cuts, and to work to support education and other basic

Just go to:

With this petition, is also collecting personal
stories about the impact budget cuts have already had on
schools.  Tell your story.

They'll deliver the petitions and the stories to key leaders
in Congress who have the power to block this dangerous tax bill.

Thank you,"

Vicki Sherouse, Librarian
Sentinel High School
Missoula, Montana

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