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For the last two months we have had a problem in our computer lab that =
our instructional technology technicians have been unable to solve.  =
Frequently, students saving work to 3 =BD floppy disks receive no error =
message on saving, but are unable to open anything on the disk later.  =
Even disks that are brought in from home, files opened and then resaved =
will randomly bring up the message =93a drive inaccessible=94 and the =
disk is no longer recognized on any of our school=92s computers.


We are running Windows2000 on IBM machines with Panda antivirus updated =
from our network at each login.  Other antivirus programs have been run =
on a few machines with no viruses detected.  One computer=92s hard drive =
was reformatted and the floppy a drive replaced.  Yet with all these =
measures, we still have the problem.  It does not happen every time or =
on a particular machine.  We can no longer, in conscience, allow =
students to open their disks on the lab computers because they risk =
losing all their work.


Does anyone have any suggestions for something we are overlooking?  The =
tech people are considering that the problem may be environmental.  Any =
assistance would be greatly appreciated.=20

Nancy Palmateer, LMS

Canton Central School

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