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Hi Tony,

I think that the most important Australian source is our public broadcaster
the ABC [Australian Broadcasting Corporation] - not to confused with the ABC
in the US! Their service in Australia is very similar to the BBC in the UK,
and, as the ABC is publicly funded, they are not reliant on advertising.

The ABC Online is at:



Jill Midolo, Editor Technology Focus and CMIS Evaluation Website
CMIS  (Curriculum Materials Information Services)
Department of Education and Training Western Australia
151 Royal Street  East Perth  WA  6004
Ph:  (08) 9264 4192  Fax:  (08) 9264 5708

-----Original Message-----
You will want to take a look at the Kidon Media Link.
It contains precisely what you are looking for.


I appreciate the reference and this is a very impressive source.
However what I am looking for is recommendations from LM_NETers of
specific news outlets.



> I am creating a news and current events resources page for our Web
> and I would like to include so foreign perspectives.  I am looking for
> news websites that are international in scope and are well respected.
> Sites like the BBC or Macleans.  They can be from any country as long
> they are in English.
> ----
> Tony Doyle, Librarian
> Livingston High School, Livingston, CA
> <Http://>
> "You don't have to burn books to destroy a culture.  Just get
> people to stop reading them."-- Ray Bradbury

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