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For those of you who are wondering about the suitability of the Gretel
Killeen books, it is my opinion that they are more suited to the young teen
market rather than the 9-12 as suggested.  This is backed up by the opinions
of others on sites I visited while doing a search for her on Google and my
reading of the blurbs on the back of the books.  She has a following here
but possibly because of her role as host of the local Big Brother series.

Whether they are comparable to the Angus (?) series I don't know because I
am not familiar with that series.

Here is a review of her book My Life as a Boob Tube (one of a series
along that theme) that I have lifted from my children's review site (so I am not breaking any copyright!)

My  Life  Is  A  Boob  Tube,  a  story  of  drama,  comedy  and  romance
(and  a  bit  of  a  family  twist)  and deals  with  the  hectic,
fun-filled  life  of  young  Fleur  Trotter.  A  story  about
determination,  fun,  young  love  and  teenage  life  that  explores  the
similar  teenage  issues,  dreams,  hopes,  and  ways  of  being  that
occur  in  this  day  and  age. It has a quite enjoyable and very funny

The  youthful  and  not  to  mention  busy,  diary  writing  Fleur  Trotter,
along  with  her  darling  devoted  boyfriend  Dwayne  that  does  a  great
job  at  portraying  the  sappy  sweet  depths  of  a  boy  are  on  a
mission.  A  mission  to  create  the  best,  most  popular  and  famous
boy  band  of  all  time,  (whilst  dragging  her  psycho  family  along
for  the  ride).  There  are  a  few  doubts  on  Fleur's  behalf,  and  on
another  note Dwayne  is  entirely  expecting  everything  to  turn  out
perfect  and  hoping  with  his  fingers  crossed.  The  two  teenagers
together  strive  to  accomplish  this  in  many  different  and  comical
ways,  coming  across  various  obstacles  on  the  way  and  at  the  same
time  just  taking  teenage  life  in  it's  stride.

A  quite  interesting  and  appealing  read  if  I  do  say  so  myself.  I
am  personally  quite  picky  when  it  comes  to  what  I  read,  but  this
particular  book  struck  my  interest.  I  recommend  My  Life  Is  A  Boob
Tube  to  those  who  enjoy  a  romantic,  intriguing  and  hilariously
funny  comedy.  I  would  direct  the  book  to  those  in  the  age  range
of  10-16. A  thoroughly  enjoyable  story.

Renee, aged 15, Canberra, ACT


Barbara Braxton
Palmerston District Primary School

T. 61 2 6205 6162
F. 61 2 6205 7242

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