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As a person who enjoys a really good story, I hate to see children be denied 
watching these stories because they are integral to our culture - IF they are 
presented in the right way. And as far as presenting stereotypes goes, I would have 
to remind myself that I wouldn't want to facilitate the children accepting these 
stereotypes as true.  Playing the devil's advocate, though, what about what the 
children watch on TV?  What about what WE watch on TV?  Do we not see numerous 
sterotypes there? I think that what I would do with the teacher is maybe some sort 
of collaboration in which you talk about the people and animals in the movie and if 
those stereotypes (or kinds of people - for Kinders) still exist. I think this 
could be a really big learning environment for all. Just my two cents, though.  And 
I know that I would seriously talk to any teacher to see if I could help her teach 
a lesson that would minimize any negative repurcussions. I think that our past is 
important because there is so much that we can learn from it.  If we learn from it, 
then we can further human relations.

Lacy Stahl
Ingram Tom Moore High School
510 College Street
Ingram, TX 78025

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