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OK, I admit I am getting older - and I remember well, both the book and
coloring books ( I had one of each until my younger sibs decided they made
great scratch paper). I also remember the movie well.  I have often wondered
why if wasn't re-released.  After this discussion and some searching on the
'Net, I think I understand why - Fear.  Fear of not being PC, of being
insensitive to some segments of our population, of being hypocritical. Yet,
we manage to laugh at ethnic jokes, religious jokes, situation comedies that
make  fun of various segments of our population and no one raises an eyebrow
most of the time.  Just like Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer were
reflections of a time in our history- of a culture and social mores that
have since passed away, so, too SOTS depicted some aspects of the same time
and culture.

One of the great things America has always had going for it was it's
multi-culturism. I thoroughly enjoyed Uncle Remus and his stories.  I knew
enough to know that not all people talked that way - or acted that way.

Why do we always think our kids will pick up the "wrong" idea? If it is
prefaced by an explanation that at one time some people talked that way and
that, just like other stories read to the class, these are stories, too,
then the class will just accept it as they do other stories.  Haven't any of
you used different dialects or "voices" in reading folk tales or other
stories? Why should SOTS be considered any different? - Because it is a
visual element? What about some of the TV shows and movies, then?

Sorry for the soapbox, but I would rather my grandson go to see SOTS than
some of the things that pass for entertainment these days.

Anyway all this is moot as Disney won't re-release it at this time and maybe
never - Why? - Read my opening.

Good luck to all - hope
Toni Koontz
Media Specialist
St. Charles Preparatory
Columbus Ohio
Carpe Diem

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