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Let me add even more kudos to Follett from an international perspective.
I have had nothing but success with Follett. Even with the distance
involved, my rep in McHenry, Patti Aagaard is superb. I started the
library here five years ago and Follett was the only library company
that bothered with me. My first order was for $500. It was door to door
service. They cleared customs, cleared the Ministry of Education and
Information (no small thing here. Books can be confiscated depending on
what they contain) and never has one book been pulled from shipment. Any
sort of problems have been remedied either online or with new marc
records being delivered by courier.

My last two orders have been for $50,000 (I know, I feel guilty even
writing this although it's still far below the $300,000 watermark) and
again, the service has been excellent. Patti notifies me of duplicate
titles. The collection has been split into elementary and secondary with
very little hassle. They have replaced the Captain Underpants books
twice and it's not their fault that they fall apart--anybody else having
trouble with the glued bindings? I have had to repair them after three
circulations. I order everything online with Titlewave. I tried
Steck-Vaughan and Baker and Taylor and for the little amount I saved, I
spent in faxes and frustration at materials that trickled in,
incorrectly barcoded and lousy marc records.

I even visited the Follett world headquarters last summer in McHenry and
was able to meet my rep and about three other Follett people. What a
company! The warehouse alone was the size of a small city.=20

Follett's personalized service component is what make it so successful.
Our regional educational organization is hosting a librarian's
conference in Dubai next January and Follett's international rep will be
there. And if any of you are international librarians, we are also
having Doug Johnson as a keynote speaker, too.=20

Wendy Gutenkauf
Library Media Specialist
Dubai American Academy
Box 32762
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Phone: 9714-347-9222 x 210
Fax: 9714-347-8166

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