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I have a question regarding mold as well.  We had a terrible mold problem
last summer.  It was the first summer in our new building, and someone
graciously turned off the air conditioner over the summer.  It took weeks of
cleaning and fussing to get rid of the growing mold.  Finally, when the
weather turned cool and humidity dropped, we were okay.  I still believe
above all that our air conditioning unit is the problem although I am the
only one with that opinion.  We have a dehumidifer running on high and have
kept the humidity between 60 - 65 this very humid week.  I fear the summer.
My question is about cleaning the carpet in the LMC.  It was not scheduled
to be cleaned last year until late August in the middle of the mold, so it
wasn't cleaned.  I tried to get it cleaned over the winter when we did not
have a humidity problem.  It was not done.  Should I insist that it not be
cleaned until this winter, or am I over cautious about the mold?

Stephanie Labert
Library Media Specialist
Calico Rock Elementary
Calico Rock, Arkansas

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