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Hello 'netters!

I am asking for your help with my scheduling dilemma.
First some history...
This is my first semester at a school where they
haven't had a certified MS in 6 years. So, the aide
simply allowed the classes to come in whenever they
wished to simply check out books and then leave.
This past semester beginning in January, I implemented
a sort of fixed schedule. I was seeing 9 classes a day
for 30 minutes each and getting absolutely nothing
accomplished. Some of the classes were even doubled
up, so, in effect, I sometimes had up to 15 classes a
day in the media center. I was on the verge of

Now, for next fall, I NEED to change the schedule to
better fit my needs and theirs. The problem is, I have
60 classrooms and only 28 weekly spaces.

What would y'all do?? Do I go to a rotation schedule?
An open schedule (I've mentioned this and had some
hateful responses from teachers)? Or what? Please

My principal says I may do whatever I think is best
for the students and the library. Very supportive, but
little help!

I would like to hear some of your ideas and how they
were implemented!


Valerie Bassett
media specialist
Ridgeland Elementary School P.O. Box 850
Ridgeland, SC 29936

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