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> Date:    Sun, 11 May 2003 17:48:19 -0700
> From:    Ken Umbach <kumbach@UNLIMITED.NET>
> Subject: Re: Stop Media Monopoly
> This sounds like a hoax on the face of it. for the FCC and
> information on genuine policy proposals.
> Ken
> ----------------------------------------------------
> Kenneth W. Umbach, Ph.D.

The amazing thing is that this looks like a hoax because it is so incredibly
at odds with our democratic principles. But it is not a hoax. The F.C.C. is
poised to make decisions that will allow total media monopoly, on June 2.

Haven't heard about this through your traditional news sources? Well as the
media in this country comes under ever increasing control by just a few
companies, expect that there is a whole heck of a lot you will not hear

The Move On folks are an amazing example of how Internet-facilitated
communications for political advocacy. This effort was formed during the
Clinton impeachment, hence the name -- "let's just move on, this is not
worth spending so much time over." This group played a major role in
facilitating protests against the war in Iraq, and have also provided
support for the filibusters of several judicial candidates.

You can learn more about the F.C.C. moves and More On at I receive their periodic e-mail messages. I have
never had any indication that they have violated my privacy by providing my
address to anyone else (which they promise not to do.). The messages are
also not so frequent as to bother me. Their reports seem to be
well-researched. This group is also trying to generate greater federal
support for funds to states to address education.


Nancy Willard, M.S., J.D.

Center for Advanced Technology in Education
University of Oregon, College of Education

Responsible Netizen Institute

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