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I have a wonderful 3rd grade reader who is truly only interested in
stories about dogs (or, sometimes, horses).  She is quickly making her
way through everything in our collection that is appropriate for her.
She is an energetic reader and I hate to lose her by not having enough
to match her interests.  If folks have age-appropriate dog story
suggestions they'd be willing to share, I will gladly post a HIT.

Here's what she has seen:
(Some of these are a little too grow-u[ for her.)

Say good-bye / by Laurie Halse Anderson.        Anderson,
Teacher's pet / by Laurie Halse Anderson        Anderson,
Ribsy /                                         Cleary, Beverly.
Henry Huggins /                                 Cleary, Beverly.
Strider /                                       Cleary, Beverly.
Love that dog                                   Creech, Sharon
Along came a dog /                              De Jong, Meindert,
Because of Winn-Dixie /                         DiCamillo, Kate.
Sable /                                         Hesse, Karen.

Bunnicula :                                     Howe, Deborah,
Three Names /                                   MacLachlan, Patricia.
Henry and Mudge         Rylant, Cynthia.
The boy who ate dog biscuits /                  Sachs, Betsy.
Kaya and Lone Dog : a friendship story          Shaw, Janet Beeler
The hundred and one dalmations /                Smith, Dodie,
A dog on Barkham Street.                        Stolz, Mary,
Scruffy /                                       Stoneley, Jack.
The trouble with Tuck /                         Taylor, Theodore,
The comeback dog /                              Thomas, Jane Resh.
Silver /                                        Whelan, Gloria.
Ginger Pye.                                     Estes, Eleanor,
Owls in the family /                            Mowat, Farley.
Bristle Face /                                  Ball, Zachary,
The highly trained dogs of Professor Pet        Brink, Carol Ryrie,
Mishmash and the Venus flytrap /                Cone, Molly.
No dogs allowed /                               Cutler, Jane.
Go find Hanka!                                  Crosby, Alexander L.
Where the red fern grows :                      Rawls, Wilson.
Shiloh /                                        Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds.
Old Yeller /                                    Gipson, Fred,
Trouble will find you /                         Lexau, Joan M.
Fudge /                                         Graeber, Charlotte Towner.
Deputy Shep /                                   Stolz, Mary,
The mystery at the dog show /                   Warner, Gertrude Chandler,
Hank the Cowdog :                               Erickson, John R.,
Trouble for Lucy /                              Stevens, Carla.
Oliver's lucky day /                            McBrier, Page.
The backward bird dog /                         Wallace, Bill,
Anastasia, absolutely /                         Lowry, Lois.
Iktomi and the coyote :                         Goble, Paul.
The gift of the sacred dog :                    Goble, Paul.
Stay!                                   Lowry, Lois.
Help!  My life is going to the dogs             Koehler-Pentacoff, Elizabeth
Ghost Dog                               Leroe, Ellen,
Bill                                    Reaver, Chap.
Nothing but trouble /                           Wright, Betty Ren.
Some fine dog /                                 Sherlock, Patti.
Outlaw Red /                                    Kjelgaard, Jim,
A nose for trouble /                            Kjelgaard, Jim,
Puppy love /                                    Duffey, Betsy.
Daughter of the mountains /                     Rankin, Louise,
Wanted-- Mud Blossom /                          Byars, Betsy Cromer.
Out of nowhere :                                Sebestyen, Ouida.
Smart dog /                                     Vande Velde, Vivian.
No more dead dogs /                             Korman, Gordon.

Thank you!

Robin Shtulman
Erving Elementary School
28 Northfield Road
Erving, MA 01344

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