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ASO is a forum for educators. The scheduled events, designed for
professional development, are open to everyone in the Tapped In
community and all guests. As many of you know, Tapped In is constantly
working on improving the interface to make it easier and more useful for
you. A new calendar has been created that allows you to set your time
zone. Once you've logged in to Tapped In and chosen your time zone on
the calendar, you will always see the calendar events converted to your

Click on an event on the online calendar to see a description of that
event and the conference room (ASO, Hot Tub, On Tap Cafe, etc.) where it
will be held. Events will be held in the ASO room unless otherwise
noted. If you are new to Tapped In, there are tours scheduled to help
you get familiar with the many features offered. As always, please log
in 10 minutes before the event is scheduled to begin to allow us to help
you get where you need to be.

View the Tapped In calendar of ASO events at:
Highlights for March:

Art Teachers
* Arts and Literacy: Social Studies(3/1, 4pm PST)
* ArtsSites: Blanket the World With Peace Project (3/4, 6pm PST)

General Education Resources
* The Frugal Educator (3/22, 4pm PST)
* Global Project Based Learning: NCLB (3/25, 5pm PST)
* Teacher Education Faculty Forum (3/11, 5pm PST)

Language Teachers
* Benkyoukai - Online Support for Teachers of Japanese (3/24, 3pm PST)
* Webheads in Action
(3/7, 3/14, 3/21, 3/28, 4am PST)
* Writing for Webheads
(3/6, 3/13, 3/20, 3/27, 8am PST)

Language Arts Teachers
* Language Arts Forum - Fan Fiction(3/17, 5pm PST)

Learn about Tapped In
* Oz-Time Tips and Tricks/Campfire Meeting
(3/2, 3/9, 3/16, 3/23, 3/30, 12am PST)
* Tapped In Tips and Tricks
(3/2, 3/9, 3/23, 3/30, 2:30pm PST)
(3/6, 3/20/ 3/27, 4pm PST)

* Targeting Librarians! Visual Literacy and Technology (3/17, 4:30pm PST)

Math Teachers
* K-12 Math Discussion Group (3/2, 4pm PST)

Pre-Service Teachers
* Pre-service Teachers (3/11, 6pm PST)

Primary Teachers
* K-3+ Resources (3/9, 3/23, 5pm PST)

Professional Development
* AAMU Writing Project: WriteTalk (3/11, 6pm PST)
* Publishing Your Work: Turn up the heat on your publishing! (3/22, 5pm

Science Teachers
* 7-12 Science Forum (3/2, 5pm PST)
* Middle Level Science: Environmental Topics and Political Campaigns
(3/23, 6pm PST)
* Nuts About Nature - Spring Has Sprung, or Has It? (3/9, 6pm PST)

School Administrators
* School Administrators Forum on Ed Tech (3/7, 4pm PST)

School Counselors
* School Counselors: Great Counselor Websites (3/25, 6pm PST)

Special Needs Teachers
* Alt/Correctional Ed Forum (3/18, 6pm PST)

Social Studies Teachers
* LOC Learning Page Chat: Her Story (3/18, 5pm PST)
* Social Studies Forum (3/10, 3/24, 5pm PST)

Teacher Certification
* National Board Cert. Support Group (3/29, 4:30pm PST)

Technology in the Classroom
* SPECIAL! Cyber Bullying (3/18, 4pm PST)
* Group Learning Methods (3/16, 5pm PST)
* Tech in the Classroom (3/3, 5pm PST)
* TechLeaders Round Table(3/16, 4pm PST)
* WebQuests in the Developing World (3/31, 4pm PST)
Dear LM_NET readers,
We have been asked by the LM_NET moderators  to post our monthy  After
School Online Discussion calendar only once every two months to reduce
"commercial" traffic on the list. We regret any inconvenience we have
caused with our postings.  Tapped In remains free, non-profit, ad-free,
and open to all education professionals. If you have any concerns or
complaints about Tapped In or our postings, please contact Mark
Schlager, Director, at mark.schlager@sri.com
Respectfully submitted,
BJ Berquist
Associate Educator, TAPPED IN

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