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Apparently there is simply not much out there.  I received only a couple of
responses regarding resources for doing in-house staff training on how to use
Accelerated Reader.  As I mentioned, we chose NOT to contract with Renaissance
Learning for the training.

My thanks to those who did respond.    Kathy Reynolds

Check out the following link:  Also, I found the
manual very beneficial to me when using the program for the first time.  I
know some people find manuals unfriendly.  However, I gained a lot from the
manual.  Furthermore, when I want to do a particular task with the program, I
have found the tech support team very helpful.

In addition, check out the following link.  It is a professional
development workshop about Reading Ren.  It explains the foundation of AR.

Personally, I would do PowerPoint presentation that used actual pages from AR
and AR quizzes to explain to teachers how the program makes their work load

Kathy J. Reynolds, Media Specialist
Midview Local School District
37999 Capel Road
Grafton, OH  44044
(O) 440-748-5262
FAX 440-748-0131

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