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Our school has only fourth and fifth graders.  I rotate mine through
centers based on a particular skill or set of skills.  This can be
programmed for any month or set of reference books or skills.  You can
make different sets for each table of students or multiple sets for one

Use die cut shamrocks for March and 2 shades of green.  Program one
shade with names of reference books you want them to be familiar with
(Almanac, Biographical Dictionary, Book of Quotations, Dictionary,
Atlas, Encyclopedia, Thesaurus, Geographical Dicitionary, etc.)   Then
program the other shade of with questions and have students sort into
piles by which book they would use to look up the answer.  You should
have a programmed set with answers for your use or for self-checking.
Some answers can be located in more than  one source--a fact it's good
for students to know!  Then have the students select questions to answer
(they probably won't have time to answer all if your schedule is like
mine!).  They can work in pairs or teams to get more answers.  They work
harder for a piece of candy!

Question examples:

Was St. Patrick a real person or a legendary character?
What is the area in square miles of the state of Alaska?
In what year did the greatest number of Irish immigrants come to the
When was John F. Kennedy born?
What is the capital city of Ethiopia?
What is the capital city of Ireland?
What's another word for luck?
Who won the Kentucky Derby last year?
How do you write the phoetic pronunciation of "Celtic"?
Who said, "One if by land. . . . "?
How far is it in miles from one end of Ireland to the other?
What languages are spoken in India?
Give the dates of Thomas Jefferson's birth and death.
List two works of George Bernard Shaw.
Give the latitude and longitude of the city of Dublin, Ireland.
Complete the following saying:  "To err is human, . . . . ".
What is the capital of Northern Ireland?
Who said "It is not only fine feathers that make fine birds"?
What are the parts of a flower?
When did the great potato famine occur in Ireland?

You could create a half sheet with the types of reference books listed
and number your questions; have students list the numbers of the
questions on the half sheet and then select any 3 to answer on the back.

I like the sorting option sometimes just for the manipulative aspect
which helps some students.

Linda Sears
Library Media Specialist
Oak Mtn. Intermediate School (Grades 4--5)
Birmingham, AL

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