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I teach in a p - 5th elementary school library.  After attending some
Gates courses this summer, I began to see the need for more computer
access for our elementary students - helping to bridge the digital
divide.  There is a filter in place on our computers and I introduce
appropriate sites to our children regularly, have them on the school web
page etc.  Parents are also encouraged to come to the library and they
do access e-mail from loved ones deployed in Iraq, check out mapquest
etc. etc. Recently kids have begun using the library computers to access
music and various games, unavailable to kids with no computers at home.
I have no problem with this, it is there free time in the library, their
chance to have access to a computer, and the filters are in place.  I am
now being told once in awhile that "john is just playing games back
there, did you know Jane's listening to music?"  I now thinking that I'm
completely out in left field on my feelings about this.  Can someone out
there give me a reality check?  Priority is given to educational
pursuits, like Scholastic Reading counts, research etc., but if a
computer is sitting there unused am I wrong to let kids do a little
investigating on their free time?  Any thoughts would be warmly
received.  Thank you!
Jonie Fitzsimmons MIRLS
School librarian
mountainside elementary
Ft. Carson, CO
school web site

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