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The more the merrier, I say... <G>  I try to keep in mind that the catalog
is there to assist the user find material.  The more key word terms that
are available for searching, the more chances the user will find what they
are looking for.  I stick rigidly to the Sears and LC subject headings, but
I am much looser in the 505 and 520 tags.  Records exported to other
systems will not foul things up, since the subject tags are in compliance
with MARC standards.  I DO add as many subject headings that are needed to
adequately reflect the content of the book.  Sometimes that means many
headings. But the real power of an electronic catalog is the keyword search
feature, and that is where multiple key words is a good idea, IMHO.

My $29.95!

Mark Williams
Colton High School
Colton, CA  92324
"I'll have to admit that he's a very competent scholar."
  "Isn't he just a librarian?" Garion asked, "somebody who looks after books?"
  "That's where all the rest of scholarship starts, Garion.  All the books in
the world won't help you if they're just piled up in a heap." (David
Eddings "King of the Murgos.")

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