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Two responses follow:

Bev Boyd
Teacher Librarian
Bayside Secondary School
Belleville On
The True Frozen North

I think if you have last year's statistics that you should be able to
point out the reduction in classes that you instructed and the number of
book talks that you were able to do. I strongly believe that although
library techs are invaluable, they SHOULD NEVER replace teacher

Since all the studies Colorado #1 and #2 indicate that student success
rates can be tied to a complete library program, I would suggest that
you take excerpts from the study and pass this information along.

`Any information that Ken Haycock puts out would be invaluable in your
presentation to administration. Perhaps a list of all the things that
you do could be made, and if the move is to reduce the LMS 3"s then
perhaps the admin. could decide which skills/classes/duties should be


Kathy Bowman
Library Media Teacher
Poly High School
Riverside, CA 92506

We have 2500 students, one FT LMT (me) and a 6 hour aide. It's all
we've ever had.  What do you need to know about managing with a staff
this size?

Answers to specific questions follow:

Do you have interns?
We have student aides, max 2 per period

How much instructional time do you have?
6 periods a day available but seldom all signed up to classes

Are you able to collaborate with teachers?
As much as I can get them to do so

Is your cataloging centralized? No.

What support does your district provide?
District librarian takes care of challenged materials (I've never had a
challenge)... We meet at secondary
district LMT's about every other month.

Do you have computers (how many) in the library?
18 = enough for 1/2 a class of 36. There are rolling laptop carts so we can
reserve one of those if a
class wants one computer per kid. Usually they go to computer lab for that

Are you responsible for the computers?
Yes, our 18 students ones, 4 in career center, 2 at circ desk... With
on-site computer person as backup and
district tech people in severe cases.

Do you attend faculty/admin support meetings?
Yes. I do everything I can to emphasize that I am a faculty member.

Are you on the SAC committee?
Not sure what that is. I'm on dept chair committee and was on tech committee
when there was money coming from state for buying computers a few years ago.

I do need to say that my library was not designed with a thought to future
growth, so it
holds 54 kids at tables plus 18 at computers. With our class size at 36,
that amounts to one class plus walk-ins.  If it were bigger, supervision
would be tougher.  But the staffing we have is the same as all the schools
in our district, some of which have lots more square footage than we have.

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