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Thanks so much to everyone for sharing 3M experiences. Most are glad to
have it. Here are the emails I received. The quote I was given when I
called was almost $15,000. That includes one gate (Model 2301), a strip
applicator rental, strips for books, video strips, book check, three
desensitizers, and a resensitizer, plus freight. Does that sound about
right? You are the best :) One thing more that I can use is reasons to
purchase besides budget and how long does it take to strip a collection
of about 13,000 items.
The current one that I have is a duel corridor. Model 2302. One side for
entry and one side for exit. It ran approx. $7,500 and we paid for it.
No grant. I is nearly 5 years old. I ordered strips and I also have the
Bookcheck Model 955 that activates or deactivates the strips in the
books. All told, I think we paid about $10,500.00. The number for 3M is
1-800-328-0067. They
will be able to tell you who your rep is for a price quote. I have had
no problems and would have no other brand.
We use it here at Truman.
I have had 3M systems for about 10 years. What do you want to know?
Just looked in my file and here's the information for the security
system grant.
3M Salute to Schools
In partnership with AASL:  American Association of School Librarians
50 East Huron Street
Chicago, IL  60611

AASL Awards Program, 800-545-2433, ext. 4383 or
This is information based on the year 2002.  I'm sure someone somewhere
can help you!  I do know that they give out several of these systems to
each state each year!
I do.  My school is Hamilton Middle School, Stockton, CA
Oh, yes!  Their support service is terrific and fast.  The repair people
with whom I've had contact have been pleasant, articulate, and well
mannered besides being understanding of hordes of children traipsing
through their work space.
My high school library has had a 3M security system in place since about
We are using them in Davenport, IA
We have a 3M security system.  Let me know what questions you
I have that system and received through their annual grant giveaway. It
has been in place for three years.
Yes,  Works Great.  Wrote a grant and got it free.  Had to pay $2000 for
shipping and handling.  Have been using it for 1 year.  Another high
school in town wrote a grant and got one about 5 years ago; one other
junior high in town had to pay for theirs.  No problems.  Works great.
We use the 3M security system.
We received a grant for a 3M security system last year and have been
very satisfied with it. We had a Scout put in the security strips as his
Eagle project last summer so all the books on the shelves were ready
when school started.
Unfortunately, yes we are.  I say unfortunately, because 3M is a
monopoly and that allows them to charge outrageous amounts of money for
strips, repairs, etc.
here is the number for service---they can direct you from there
800-328-0067.  It has been a reliable system for us, but on occasion we
have needed service. The service department is excellent---I would
encourage you to purchase a maintenance agreement. It is well worth it.
The company's address  is 3M Center, Building 21-2E-37 St. Paul, AMN
800-328-0067  Contact them for a quote.  My system
gotten with a grant was valued at $21,000, plus I had to order the
strips,$.05 each.
We are using it.
we ordered our books with 3M strips since we were opening a new
library - and as new stuff comes in we try to get the books with the
strips. The CDs, videos, audios, etc. we hand strip as they come in.
You're right, you will need a sensitizer and a re-sensitizer, but I
can't imagine you would need multiples of those. And while we are on the
topic. Our resensitizer we kablooey this fall and we did NOT buy it from
3M. They wanted something like $800!!! They must be out of their mind!
Instead, we
bought a Book Reactivator from Demco (P149-2697) for $139.99. Works just

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