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I did my MLS thesis on graphic novels in libraries and have several in the middle 
school library where I am now.
There is a book Best Graphic Novels for Libraries available, but not necessarily 
for school libraries. VOYA has a list and Booklist has a spotlight
on it recently. One of my very best sources has been my local comic shop owner. You 
can find yours at Comic Book Shop locator.

The kids love manga (comics from japan) and publishers are listening by putting out 
a monthly magazine of it called Shonen Jump. I don't subscribe
here, since I think the "articles" about gaming etc are ridiculous adverts (I get 
it at home tho). They do have collected versions listed below:
Naruto (ninja fantasy)
Sandland (fantasy about Beelzelbub teaming up with humans to find water)
Yu Yu Hakusho (bad boy gets killed accidently, given second chance to redeem 
Shaman King (boy studying to become master of spirits)
One piece (fantasy pirate story)
Coming soon Hikaru No Go (boy possessed by ancient spirit learns to play Go, a 
Japanese strategy game)

DragonBall Z (v popular, I don't get it because I think it's terrible art and 
Yu-Gi-Oh (I don't get because not popular with our age kids)
I don't buy anything from Tokyopop, since the translations are abominable and the 
bindings go after one reading.

As for others
Courtney Crumrin and the Night Things (girl has adventures with spells, goblins, 
Tale of One bad Rat by Brian Talbot (girl sexually abused by father, runs away and 
finds strength to confront her father by going to home of Beatrix
Potter; not graphic on the abuse)
Bone by Jeff Smith (fantasy world, Bone creatures must solve mystery with help of 
humans, 7 vols)
Leave it to Chance (Chance, a girl, cannot inherit her family's magical legacy, 
adopts a dragon and fights magical crime on her own)
Clan Apis (life cycle of bees)
Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind (future world has been poisoned by industry and war, 
girl emerges as leader to cleaner world, v complex, 4 vols)
Maus I & II by art speigelman (author's father's experiences in Nazi concentration 
camp, jews depicted as mice, nazis as cats)
Dignifying Science by jim ottaviani (short stories of women in science)
Lots of fantasy, no superheroes. I haven't done superheroes, tho kids know about 
Justice League and Green Lantern, etc, from TV. I've stayed away
because most of them are too violent for my tastes. I've been rather conservative 
in that direction, more than I would be with prose, because  this
area is ripe for challenges. For this reason, I have read every one I have on the 
shelf and reviews to back them up.

I thought really hard about including older comics like TinTin and Astro Boy, but 
decided that at this time, the racial stereotyping was too much.

Thus far anything new has barely made it back to the New shelves, much less the 
regular ones. Gratifying, that.

Sorry about the length, but it is rather my area of expertise. I'll get down off my 
soapbox now ;)

I hope this helps and if I can answer any more questions, please let me know.


Ruffin Priest, "Teacher-Librarian"
Culbreth Middle School, Chapel Hill, NC

"A good detective is always in demand."
                        Nancy Keene, The Hidden Staircase

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