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On Tue, 30 Mar 2004, Dr. Allan O'Grady Cuseo wrote:

> I loved the 50's -- of course I was in high school at the time- but I sure
> loved the period. I think of this all the time when I realize that my
> students have never lived in a time when there wasn't AIDS, when there
> wasn't bombings on American soil, when schools didn't need a violence
> policy, when it was safe to walk the streets. Thanks for bringing back some
> fond memories.

Our students have also never lived with nuclear fall-out drills and
practice evacuatations; I knew exactly which munitions igloo I was to go
to when my class got off the evac bus. But I always worried that my
parents might be put in a different one. What would I do?

Our students have also never gone to school when pregnant or learning
disabled children were routinely excluded.

Oh, and how about the fear of polio?

Our children have not gone to school when federal troups
were required to open the way for some of them, a time when some
children did, indeed, have to fear walking down the street.

I have fond memories of the 50s too, of Captain Kangaroo, skirts
that twirled, and hoola hoops. I've even designed my home as a
'mid-century" home.

But Leave it to Beaver was not a documentary :D

J. Rathbun, Librarian
Mojave High School
Clark County School District
Las Vegas, Nevada

Leave it to Beaver was not a documentary.

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