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I use ProQuest and Ebsco in middle school and used their elementary =
while teaching in K-5 library. I don't mean to slight other fine =

On-line databases, like ProQuest and Ebsco offer a wide range of =
and newspaper resources that will add a lot of depth to student and =
research. Many more magazines (years and titles) than we could ever hope =
afford in paper. And a wide range of other materials like professional
organizations' and government material. Much of this simply unavailable
online otherwise. Or would require knowing which open database to go to =
how to search within them. It is like being able to search 10 yrs of
Readers' Guide AND a well maintained vertical file in a few clicks. Many =
the databases offer a selection of quality web resources also.

And it isn't just for current events that benefit from these resources.
History, technology, literature, health all benefit from utilizing them.

Human selection and indexing of these resources makes for a consistency =
quality (and balance) and searchability that won't be reached by =
for a long while.

Ebsco and Proquest also offer a good professional collection. Well worth
making sure everyone (admin and teaching and assistants) know about and =
to use.

Free trials should be easy to set up, providing time for you and your =
to practice and compare. Make sure the rep shows ways to modify the =
searches for the best effectiveness for your school. A K-8 library could
want a different set up than separate buildings.

Check to see if you can join any consortiums, that will help with =

I've been keeping some statistics on use and percentages of hits (or
articles opened). Ours run about the same over all. If I show a class =
in one, use and results move up. Sometimes a kid will choose a =
sometimes the teacher points to one more than another. And sometimes how =
search page is setup, combined with a particular set of search skills =
ability to override, and a particular topic will work much better in one
than another. Always worth practicing and learning and teaching.=20

Robert Eiffert, Librarian
Pacific Middle School
Beiffert at egreen wednet edu
Beiffert at Comcast net

Joyce B. Miller wrote:
I am a librarian in a K-8 private school.  The students use the internet =
some encyclopedias for researching.  I would appreciate any information
about the value of purchasing an on-line database for our school.  Does
anyone have a specific database they would suggest I look at?  Thanks =
all your help in advance.

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