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My original request was for picture book titles that could be used to teach
fact & opinion.
The responses I received are as follows:

Do you have the book Animal fact/Animal fable by Simon?  I have it in my 591
section of the library.  It's not a picture book but could act as one.  The
book is set up with a statement and a picture on one side.  You have to
decide if it's a fact or fable.  Then the other side tells the answer and
gives the research.  My two favorites are
1.  Some fish can climb trees.  (Fact...the Mudskipper comes out of the
water to climb)
2.  The archer fish shoots down it's food.  (Fact...spits water at an
insect)  The kids ALWAYS get this one wrong because the picture depicts the
fish as a Robin Hood Character shooting a bow and arrow!

I can hardly keep the book on the shelf.  Hope this might help in some way.
Good luck.

Yellow and Pink - William Steig
The Yellow Star: The Legend of King Christian X of Denmark - Carmen Agra

Betty Winslow, Media Center Director
BGCA, Bowling Green, OH

Don't know if this site will help...but it is a great reference:

I've used "I Love Guinea Pigs" by Dick King-Smith with 3rd graders.  It
works well because he includes facts and opinions about guinea pigs.

Polly VanderKruik
Park Ave. Elementary School
Warwick, NY

The Popcorn Book (de Paola) for fact/opinion

Thank you to everyone who replied.
Sandra Carswell
Lovett Ledger Intermediate
Copperas Cove, TX  76522

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