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        I had something I wanted to add to this discussion although I'm a bit =
late.  Many people tend to forget that when Germany attacked Poland on =
Sept. 1, 1939, the Soviet Union invaded from the east on Sept. 17th.  =
Thousands of Poles were sent to labor camps in Siberia.  One of those =
individuals was Slavomir Rawicz who escaped with six of his companions.  =
They went south and eventually four of them reached India after about a =
year.  His ordeal can be read in a book called The Long Walk.  It was a =
collaborative effort with a British writer, Ronald Downing.

        Rawicz was living in England at the time and Downing contacted him =
because Rawicz and his companions reported seeing the Abomidable Snowman =
as they were crossing the Himalayas.  When Downing realized that Rawicz =
had escaped from a Soviet labor camp, he realized he had a much bigger =
story to record.  The entire ordeal is an incredible but true story of =

Ed Nizalowski, SMS
Newark Valley High School
Newark Valley, NY

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