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Yesterday was a killer of a day.  First day back from spring break and =
many things were going on.... much to be resolved.

As I read yesterday's thread on "Please Vote" I found myself yelling at my =
computer, so I knew that it was not the time for me to respond to anything =
on the listserv.  Words like "lifestyle" and "choices" jumped out at me =
which really struck me as homophobic language.  As much as I want people =
to change their mind about the gay and lesbian community, it would never =
be my goal to use this listserv as a forum for that purpose.  But just as =
quickly as some of the ideas arose that deeply concerned me.... and yes, =
yesterday angered me, the other side of the issues arrived on my screen =
explaining that it's not a lifestyle, not a choice, but rather an =
orientation determined long before birth.  Further more, children whose =
parents are gay/lesbian did not make choices either but deserve to see =
their lives represented in positive ways just as much as children who come =
from other family structures deserve.  These children's lives are as =
precious as any other children's, and they deserve to have their lives =
celebrated in the same way as other children.  This IS the celebration of =
diversity!  As librarians, or any other adults who work with children, I =
believe it is our goal to accept children as they come to us and provide =
vehicles to them that will take them as far as they can go.  Not every =
vehicle is right for every child or for every family, but our "lot" has to =
be full of all different vehicles for all the journeys to be made by the =
children.  Each journey brings about growth for the next journey.

I respect all opinions.  I applaud all for voicing theirs in this thread.  =
But may I add a special thanks to all those who made sure that all the =
terminology and jargon used in the thread was correct and well-defined.  =
Thank you Julie and Barbara for breaking the ice on that discussion.  How =
fortunate we are to be a part of this great group of people who discuss....=
.. and as my great grandmother used to say....."cuss and discuss" issues =
and still respect one another as professionals.

Readingly yours,
Chris =20

Christine L. Evans, librarian
Library/Media Center
Barrington Middle School - Station

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