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Dear Chris
Although I was not the person to use "lifestyle" initially, I think it was
me who used the word "choice".

HOWEVER, both terms were used in relation to the CHOICE of being in a
same-sex family LIFESTYLE, not about being gay or lesbian, and my response
to Tami's post was in response to that perception.  I am certainly not
homophobic and I know that one's sexuality is determined before birth and so
forth.  The "morality" (if that is the word) of being gay was not the issue
originally up for discussion - it was about whether a picture book that
clearly portrayed a different/ confronting message had a place in an
elementary school library.

The point I was making, seemingly clumsily now, was that there will be a
time when I will teach children whose family adults will be same-sex couple
who have chosen to live in a marriage-type lifestyle - THAT is the
choice/lifestyle not their sexuality.  And I would like to think that I
could have books on my shelf that portray that reality just as I have books
on single-parent families, mixed-race families, de facto relationship
families; adoptive families; traditional mother-father families; tribal
families and all the variations in-between.

It is interesting that I raised this issue about having books like King and
King on our local listserv but have had few responses, and none giving the
solid reasoning based on ethics and collection development that the members
of this list did.  What I did discover was a person doing a thesis on this
who is going to send me a list of about 100 books with that sort of theme
written by Australian authors which I will investigate and see what would be
suitable for my children.

Barbara Braxton
Palmerston District Primary School

T. 61 2 6205 6162
F. 61 2 6205 7242

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