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A librarian in Tennessee sent me the letter below. She had contacted AASL fo=
and a friend attempted to contact Keith Curry Lance without success.   She=20
would like
to know where the national guidelines mentioned are located. Also, we have=20
had very
interesting discussions about age of collection for high schools particularl=
those with=20
an emphasis on literature/literary criticisms What would be an appropriate=20
age? In=20
this digital age with so much available through electronic databases, etc.=20
should a=20
high school be concerned with an average age of 34 years?   Most novels=20
were written long before 1950. What do you think?
Each of us has very interesting opinions and I hope that you will reply to=20
the list with=20
your comments. I will send my personal opinions in a separate email, but am=20
this on her behalf.   Please don't include all this letter with your reply.=20
Diane Chen, Library Information Specialist
Hickman Elementary School, Nashville TN=20

A recent article in the Nashville newspaper, the Tennessean, has some of us=20
scratching our heads about national guidelines for school libraries. In the=20
Keith Curry Lance is credited with a statement that national guidelines call=
for 20=20
books per student, with no book more than 10 years old and reference books n=

more than five years old. He is quoted as saying ''The average book shouldn'=
older than the kid reading it.''=A0
Can you help me out by telling me where to find these national guidelines if=
indeed exist? While all librarians are certainly grateful for the attention=20
paid to=20
schools with inadequate funding for their collections and to the impact that=
libraries have on academic achievement, I am concerned about the focus on=20
numbers of books and dates rather than on access to the best information in=20
appropriate format and on the information literacy program.
 Thanks for any light you can shed on this. Here is the link to the article=20
if you have=20
not seen it.
 Second - a letter to the editor:=A0
An editorial from the paper emphasizing books not electronic resources and a=
letter to the editor;=20

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