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Netters, I need your help...

I remember a discussion about overdue notices/lists and FERPA regulations,
but can't find it in the archives. What I remember is that items checked
out are considered part of the private information which cannot be shared
with people other than the student and their parents. I'm asking because
past practice in my current buildings has been to print lists of overdues
for teachers so they can help us get the books back. They also sent a list
of overdue books to coaches and advisors since students with overdue books
may not participate in extracurricular activities. The other thing is that
we traditionally give a list of overdue books to whomever is selling
tickets to dances so they can deny them tickets to the dance. This year, I
compromised by giving them a list with only the names of the students but
not the names of the titles. My administrator thinks I'm nuts. He's never
heard that library records are part of what's protected by FERPA.

If there's a website or other resource that explains this clearly, please
let me know. And if I'm wrong, tell me that, too. I'm also checking into
Washington state law to see what it says....


Julie Olson, Librarian
Ford and Keithley Middle Schools
Tacoma, WA

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