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Here are the suggestions I received after posting the following request:
Have any of you ever given teachers a reference activity to do, as, say,
teacher training? Many of my teachers have not used the library in a very long
time, so I
want to have them using the books and getting re-acquainted with the library
at our in-
service tomorrow. Any ideas for fun reference activities, or any great
reference questions
you want to share?
I appreciated all the suggestions!  I ended up using the =93World=92s Easiest
Quiz,=94 and the
teachers had a lot of fun with it.  I also booktalked some reference sources
and did a
demo of EB online.  The in-service ended up being a great experience, and the
seemed impressed=97I highly recommend using this time for teacher library
Katie Voss

HS teachers can be so specialized. Time permitting, would make any hands-on
activity multiple choice. Offer questions that pertain to units they and their
actually cover. Give them the opportunity to select questions/topics they will
see as

Otherwise, I would book talk some major reference works which you know will be
value to them and their students covering major units.

I did an activity last spring to introduce the teachers to INFOTRAC (an
online database). During Teacher Appreciation week, I invited the teachers to
bring their
lunches to the library (Lunch & Learn) and gave a quick demonstration on using
INFOTRAC. (The principal agreed to watch the lunchroom and noon recess so that
teachers could participate). I had a good response from the elementary
teachers. (HS
teachers...not so much).I also served treats and had a drawing for a new book.
Remember - if you have coffee and goodies provided for teachers when they turn
in their
survey or the "assignment" when done, they are much more likely to do the
work!  If you
feed them, they will come!


leads you to "The World's Easiest Quiz" in which none of the answers is
what you would first think. I used it with students, although the original
version that I used included an additional question, "How long did the 30
Years War
last?" to which the answer was the only one expected from the question "30
Years." I
allowed them to use any resources from the library or internet. As they
brought me the
answer sheet, I would not tell them which answers were correct, only how many
answers they had. They really had fun with it, and I thought it might be
something the
teachers could enjoy without being too heavy, or so simple that it was

Humorish questions... or something tied directly to a
lesson you know they teach... especially if it's
something you know they have trouble finding.

Katie Voss, Librarian
St. Benedict High School
Chicago, IL

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