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Some other considerations beyond 'is the information correct?':=20

Presentation of material: Quality of illustrations, text forms that make =
access more thorough or easier, Reading level, completeness
of information/newer info, layout and legibility. Middle school can have =
a huge range of student capabilities and interest levels,
if the material won't engage them, it won't get used. And it puts out an =
image of the library that may not be useful or meeting
needs of students.

Point of View: terminology that is inherently biased or discriminatory, =
newer information that could change perspective

Never or not used in recent past. That includes the 'it will useful if a =
teacher ever asks student to look up some old information
and compare to new information' type reason/excuse to not pull info.

Doug Johnson has a great piece on how pack ratting can ultimately effect =
budget, administrative perspective, users' experience.

A couple of points he makes =
( and also available =
through Ebsco Prof. Dev. collection) :
Makes the good stuff easier to find and more appealing.
Sends the message that the library may not be adequately funded.

10 books about a planet may just hide the 1 book that is the gem. If you =
need 3 or 4 and can't afford them, then those same 10 makes
it look like you are well covered on that topic.

Watch what happens when you pull the old musty covered 'Outsiders', and =
replace it with a new shiny copy!=20

Robert Eiffert, Librarian
Pacific Middle School, Vancouver WA
Beiffert at egreen wednet edu

"Mindy Clayton" wrote:

> > I am currently working on reshelving my collection after =
renovations.  I
> > did not have time to weed last spring, when I packed everything =
away, so
> > I would like to do it now.
> > Obviously, I am tossing things that are out of date. However, I am =
> > a pack rat and am having trouble tossing items that are just plain =
> > and/or haven't circulated in quite a long time (10, 20 even 30 =
> >
> > I am a new librarian and this is my first big weed and I am just =
> > a bit uneasy about getting rid of so many books (including tons that =
> > stamped ESEA 1970s).
> > I'd appreciate hearing about your experiences weeding or any =
> > you use for weeding.  I have just started looking into the CREW =

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