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To all 7th and 8th grade librarians:

I am new to this junior high position.  We currently have a fixed schedule
of 30 minute library visits for each English class in 6th, 7th and 8th
grades.  6th grades come in weekly and 7th and 8th come every other week.
I have been asked to teach k-5 library skills every other week, which will
mean I will be gone every morning every other week.  I have proposed to the
junior high principal that the 7th and 8th grade scheduled library visits
be shortened to 15 minutes in order to accomodate my being gone to the
elementary schools.  She is leery of doing that, believing that 15 minutes
is not long enough to find and check out a book. I think it's plenty of
time.  Do any of you have scheduled library check out for 7th and 8th
graders and, if so, how much time do you give them?  FYI, no class is
larger than 24 students.  Thanks for your help. I'm hoping to share your
responses with my principal.


Debbie Weiler, Librarian
Roxana Junior High School
Roxana, Illinois 62084

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