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I've received a few responses and some of you have asked me to share.
If anyone has more information about Alexandria on the PC side or Mac
OS X, I'd appreciate it.

Chad Lehman
Library Media Specialist
Longfellow School
West Allis, WI

I have not switched, but I have worked on both
versions of the system at two different library
systems. You will find the Windows version of Alex is
just like the mac version. The changes you will find
will be with the Windows system and how you will
handle your files differently.  Of the two OSs, I
still prefer Mac, but perhaps that is because I have
spent the vast majority of my time on macs. Or,
perhaps it is because is just easier to navigate, save
etc. in mac. I must say the new Windows version is now
capable of doing much of what mac has done for years.
So the differences are shrinking and I noticed the
newest mac OS now has columns so it can look and work
much like Windows for those people more comfortable in
that type of environment.

I'm a teacher-librarian in a middle school in Chilliwack, British
Canada. Two years ago I switched from a Mac platform to a PC. I was a
worried because I'd had no previous experience with PCs and am not very
tech-oriented, so thought it might be a problem for me. However, it was

easy, absolutely nothing is any different on the PC than it was on the
It looks and works exactly the same. Any questions I had were answered
the Companion tech support group and it was so simple I couldn't
believe it!

So, don't worry--jump in with both feet. You'll be surprised how simple


Nancy Gauthier

Houston ISD went all PC - Alexanderia. I like it. However, on the
researcher, the students have to spell correctly otherwise they won't
get a
hit. Many of my students do not spell very well in english. Feel free
to contact me if you have any particular question. Their tech support
really good.

I run Alex on a PC and have from the beginning.  I have mac OPACs.
Supposedly the only difference in platform is the apple as command key
Mac and control on PC.  The next version of Alex will be 5.4.5 which
only run as a data station on a Mac with OS X.  If you PC side spefici
questions let me know!

I like Alex!

Sandy Scroggs

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