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I have two funny things that happened today, election day, 2004.

Armed with my books: My Teacher for President, and Duck for President, I =
told my 4 year olds that "Today  is a very special day for our country.  =
Something important is happening today.  Can anyone tell me what it is =

Without missing a beat, a pigtailed cutie shouted "It's LIBERRY DAY!" =20

Her teacher grinned and said "Well, that's what's important in our =

The second story is about one of our kindergarteners.  Her mother =
decided to go vote on the way to take her child to school.  When she =
told her little one she was going to vote, the little girl asked if she =
could vote too.  Mom explained that you have to be 18 to vote, then =
asked, "If you could vote, who would you vote for?"

Little one thought and said,  "I guess I'd  vote for =
George......(pause)............Washington."  Tickled, mom explained that =
George Washington was the first president of our country and that he had =
died long ago so no one can vote for him anymore.

"Well," the little one replied, "I guess I'll just vote for Abraham =
Lincoln then."

Jan Cole
Horace Mann Elementary
Duncan, OK

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