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Beth -- I can't answer as an LMS, but speaking from a publisher's perspective, 
movies about children/young adult books tend to increase the sales of the books. 
This is good for the publisher and the author as well. Movie people have to buy the 
rights to the book from the author. This means that the book gets into the hands of 
more kids. And it gives the author the economic freedom to concentrate on writing 
his or her next book. So no matter what you might think about the movie or the 
commercialization of children's books, it helps literacy. And that's what matters.

I hope this helps.


Catherine Balkin
Balkin Buddies
telephone 718 857 7605

Date:    Tue, 2 Nov 2004
From:    Beth Haraldsen <haraldsene@K12TN.NET>
Subject: Commercialization of Children/Young Adult books

LM Netters,

I am looking for opinions about the idea of commercialization of
children/young adult books.  Any thoughts about books being made into
movies, characters into stuffed animals/action figures, or spin offs
(sequel books and movies) are greatly appreciated.  I am also hoping to
find examples of good and bad adaptations of books into other formats.  I
am writing a paper about the pros and cons of this phenomenon and would
like some "real world" ideas from those "in the trenches" to compare and
contrast with the business perspective I have been researching.  I have my
opinions but I want to gather more.  Thanks for your time.

Beth Haraldsen
Library Media Specialist
New Hopewell Elementary School
Knoxville, TN 37920

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