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Here is part 2 of my HIT:

Great math board game is Equate. It is a great way to teach order of
operation and equations.
Do you know that there is a National School Scrabble Organization?  It
is great and can show how to relate Scrabble to many academic areas.  I
have chess and Scrabble both on one official after school club and then
have it open during lunches and any evening after school if students
want to bring a partner and play.  We are supposed to have checkers
also, but we can't find the boards and haven't yet bought new ones yet.
I like having the library used for a variety of activities.  Our library
is open for an hour after school and 20 minutes before school.
In this k-12 school, besides the classes scheduled in, we have a very open-
door policy with kids coming in at all times all day to study, hang out
together over magazines, whatever. At various times I have put out
piece jigsaw puzzles and challenged the kids to finish them in a few days
a week. They love them! Curriculum related? I guess we could all find is good, too.
I've had chessboards in the schools I've worked in and they've been very
popular - really gets kids to think.  We've also ordered some materials
from mindware including Quarto, Quits, Stack, and
Blink.  I also have a rubric's cube and other manipulatives on my desk in
the main library and they are great conversation starters - I find out
what kids are reading, etc... as they manipulate the cube!
My library is open during lunch time and it is always full of kids: reading
mags, books, newspapers, studying AND playing games.  We have UNO, chess,
checkers, chinese checkers, battleship, pass the pigs, Monoply, Backgammon,
CSI, dominoes, Upwords, Boggle Shrek Operation, one with a wooden tower
you have to take pieces out without toppling the thing and a few others
I can't think of at this time.
I have several floor puzzles with illustrations from several popular
books. I love to use them with classes... Or small groups. I recently
added more floor puzzles with animal pictures. They don't particularly
reinforce media skills but can be used with animal lessons.
I had board games for awhile, and it was a disaster.  Kids wouldn't bother
to check out books so they'd have more time to play, and when I ruled that
there would be no games if library business was not done first, they would
grab the first book and check it out.  At this point, I'm just not
allowing games, but am thinking of making "work baskets"...sort of
travelling "centers."  You may have a better experience than I, but it's
something to take into consideration.
How fun for your students and lucky you!  There is a game called Upwords
that is very similar to scrabble but the letters can be stacked. Our family
likes it better than Scrabble, it's more flexible and can be more
challenging. There is also Boggle that we play in which words are made from
letters. Both would be great!
There are several good library-related board games out there.  The Very
Hungry Caterpillar board game is great for the real young ones.  Upstart
has many library games--Library Trivia Quest, Guide word galaxy, Dewey
Match, Book Hunt, Library Lingo, Book Spine Bingo, etc.
I don't have game boards, but I do have some easy puzzles kids can put
together.  This is especially helpful for preschoolers or primary kids who
forgot to return their books and have nothing to keep them occupied while
their peers check out books.
I don't have them, but one of our middle school teachers uses "Risk" and
"Stratego" to very good effect!
I have Chess, Checkers, Dominoes (6s only), Uno, Monolopy (very long, but
last year we often had games continuing over several days) as well as
Scrabble. I sometimes also have jigsaw puzzles set up for a few days
(depending on the space and what is going on).

Brenda Young, Library Media Specialist
Rose Hill Elementary
Omaha, NE

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