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Several of you requested a hit on the "Dress as an Idiom" Day we had at =
our middle school.  Through their literature classes, every student in =
the school chose an idiom, then researched it's meaning and origins and =
prepared a written and oral presentation.  Some of the 8th graders were =
humiliated at the thought of dressing up, so their teachers gave them =
the option of creating a poster or other visual presentation.  Most of =
the students and teachers dressed as idioms, however, and it was really =
fun.  I dressed in gray sweats with a gray tail and mouse ears and was =
"quiet as a mouse," opting for the comfort of sweats! Since I spent all =
day trying to guess what idioms students were wearing, I'm going to give =
you the same opportunity!  I'm listing a few of the costumes and idioms =
separately so you can guess and then check yourself.

1.  Long, droopy ears, black spot around eye, wearing house made from =
2.  Cat ears and tail, repeating everything said
3.  Pink fluffy headband, pink t-shirt with word "tickled" on back
4.  World globe with salt packages stuck on it, tied on belt at waist
5.  9's pinned all over clothes
6.  Red letters, h, o, and t, stapled under collar of shirt
7.  Piece of model train track with Hershey miniature stuck on head
8.  Cat ears & tail, extra padding around the waist, man's suit
9.  Tiara with large fake gemstones
10.  Skeleton shirt, tan pants
11.  Small book stuck to forehead
12.  Hat with thunderclouds on top, raindrops hanging from under brim
13.  Umbrella with cats and dogs stuck on top
14.  Barbie bed tied on top of head
15.  Butterflies pinned to front of shirt

We had one teacher who had glasses on the back of her head and walked =
backwards all day (eyes in the back of her head).  One teacher wore a =
big road sign with a fork stuck through it.  Several students showed up =
with red hands (caught...), and one had her neck painted red.  There =
were hearts on sleeves, casts & crutches (break a leg), and one student =
whose name is Charlie wore a horse head.

1.  In the dog house
2.  Copy cat
3.  Tickled pink
4.  Salt of the earth and world on a string
5.  Dressed to the nines
6.  Hot under the collar
7.  One track mind (chocolate)
8.  Fat cat
9.  Crown jewels
10.  Skin and bones
11.  Read her face like a book
12.  Under the weather=20
13.  Raining cats and dogs
14.  Bad case of bed head
15.  Butterflies in the stomach=20

This was tons of fun -- I highly recommend it.

Ellen DeFehr
Library Media Specialist
Deer Creek Middle School
Edmond, OK  73003

Barbie bed tied on top of head.

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