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Greetings to all:

Considering Peter's appeal to use the headers in your subject line, may
I go a step further? I receive LM_NET in Digest Form and HIGHLY
recommend it. I still get 6-8 messages a day but each digest message has
a dozen or so individual messages within it. At the head of each digest
message is a listing of the individual message headings. I just look at
these and decide which ones interest me and I scroll down counting the
numbers of the ones I want to read - each message has a BOLD
Subject/From/Date so as you scroll you can count off the messages. When
I'm not in a hurry, I slowly go down the messages, en masse, and scan
them individually.

It used to be that I could click on the initial listing of the messages
at the top and be taken directly to the message I wanted - but I changed
computers and somehow that went away....if anyone knows how to get it
back, I'd love to know:-)

But, DIGEST is so much more manageable than receiving the messages one
by one. I know because whenever I signoff and signon again and forget to
set my LM_NET to DIGEST, I'm swamped with emails from all these people I
don't know ;-)

Just my 2 cents!

Jody Newman
Library Aide, retired
Stow MA
Share your knowledge. It is the way to live forever.

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